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Fun Friday


What a great way to end the week. Great game, incredible seats, a crab sandwich, and seeing the Giants’ newest guy on the 25-man roster have an unreal game, the newest pitcher have a great relief inning and the priciest guy on the day of his big raise.

It’s always surreal to sit that close to the field, to see the size of the guys up close, to see the pitches pretty much as the batter does. I now understand why Romo is unhittable.

Noonan looked great, Crawford was amazing as always and every reliever looked ready for Monday.

20130330-093637.jpg The menu. In Field Club, food comes to you!


Twenty two or so hours

Here it is. Less than a day until I am back at AT&T watching a game. An exhibition game, but still a game. I might not get there until close to first pitch, work looks to be crazy busy tomorrow, but by this time tomorrow, I will have wandered the park and will be winding my way to my seat, on the right field side of things for this game.

Friday more of the same, then Saturday in Oakland.

But no crab sandwich yet. I am saving that for the first sunny afternoon at the park.

Photos and words early Friday!


So very close!

Four days until aim seated at AT&T Park, watching an exhibition game. And then two more, one at the Coliseum. Seem both like yesterday and forever ago that I was enjoying an early fall day away from the office, watching Zito in the final regular season game. It should be Timmy this Thursday.

Win or lose, it will be fun to be back at the park watching the champions at the start of this season. Wonder what drama, joys and heartache will play out between now and late September? Will Timmy or Madison have a perfect game? Will Belt hit for the cycle? Will the Giants sweep the Dodgers at least once? Will Hunter or Brandon C. have a three home run game? What reliever will shock us with a base hit or RBI (Kontos?)

Here it comes. Hope the boys are more ready than not.

No Fanfest

Flu viruses never seem to come when needed or at least when they might be somewhat useful. Have a big work presentation? No flu. Looking forward to Giants Fanfest and your 40th birthday? Hello, flu, set up and dance Gangnam Style, why don’t you?

So instead of enjoying photos and video of me chasing Hunter Pence and George Kontos and maybe getting to say hi to Timmy, you, dear readers, get to feel a bit sorry for me. Or not, the season is just beginning. I for one cannot wait! I hope this is the start of a beautiful season and that you’ll enjoy the wild ride it is sure to be alongside me.